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Quotes Sweetspot is wonderful and even better than that is the owner, Doreen is as sweet as can be! I am a photographer and the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine and Sweetspot was the perfect location for a photoshoot with kids! I loved how the store was set up. I loved the space. I LOVED all the candy! I brought some home to my children who are seven and nine and have already decided they have to go experience Sweetspot in person. Sweetspot has found yet another FAN in me! Quotes
Donielle Monique

Quotes Sweetspot is the best store I have ever been to! It has candy that I have never even heard of before! The Manager is great! Shes very helpful and friendly. They have fantastic gift ideas like their candy bouquets, and cake pops. I would recommend you checking out this store at least once! i bet you that you will end up going there over and over again They are always getting new inventory. I LOVE SWEET SPOT!! Quotes
Jessica T

Quotes Sweetspot has all my favorites! I go to stock up on all the things I cant find anywhere else. The candy baskets make a great treat for meetings or parties. Custom made or ready to carry out in case of a must have last minute gift. The store workers are always helpful and will even order my hard to get favorites. As a repeat customer I am never disappointed. Thanks for giving Barrington a Home Town Candy Store. Quotes
Happy Customer